Why sleeping late is more easy than waking up early?

Is it that difficult to wake up early ? Most of us them feel comfortable in sleeping late rather waking up early. I can give you two options ,”sleep at 12 am and wakeup at 8 am” or “sleep at 10 pm and wake up at  6am”.Which one will you go for? Most of us prefer the first one. Both the options have 8 hours of sleep and still, why we feel sleeping late as easy…..

The answers will be different .But, most of the answers like late night usage of mobile, late dinner, busy with work etc. comes from your habit rather than your necessity . The psychological reason behind this attitude is that ,its easy to drag what we are doing. Most of us will be engaged in something or other till 10 pm and its hard to switch directly to sleep at that point. Knowingly or unknowingly we drag our activities till a point where we are too tired to not to sleep.

There are other group of people who thinks , its ok to sleep at any time and they don’t care when they sleep, the only thing import for them is how long they sleep. Everyone agrees  that 6 to 8 hours sleep is sufficient to keep a normal person healthy. But, still we ignore the importance of when to sleep.Do you really  think , sacrificing the freshness and positive vibe of the early morning  for the late night habits  is a fair deal?

If you wish to sleep early and wake up early :

Stop the use phones/laptops  at least 1 hour before you sleep. The rays from the screens misinterprets your brain to think that its still active daytime. Leaving the digital gadgets away ,can make your sleep better physically and mentally. Take your dinner at least  before 8 pm and say good bye to all drinks containing caffeine after 6 pm. Start the habit of reading or meditation at the time of sleep, which can help you for a stress free sleeping environment. The most important thing is that, start planning your activities such a way that you won’t be having a late night commitments. Its always hard to initiate a change but we all love have a change for better tomorrow.

Is that really a big deal to wake up early……….

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