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Everyone loves capturing moments of life . Actually, we all are doing it through out the day with our mobile phones, starting the day with a morning selfie and ending the same with a pic of delicious dinner. But for some, capturing the moments in a beautiful frame is their passion. When some people take a number of photos daily, a photographer waits for days for getting a perfect click which fulfills his heart and eyes.

For me ,photography is an art that reflect one’s experiments and experiences in the life. Please don’t think in way that I am a guy who owns a DSLR and declare myself as a photographer on the spot and claiming myself as an Illuminati of photography. Let me make it clear , I haven’t learned any courses on photography.But,I have spend a lot of time for learning new aspects of photography from my photographer friends and observing our own environment. This is for those who loves to know , the experience and emotions of a photographer in the seasoning phase .

It was one of my biggest dream to have a DSLR camera and I took almost 6 Years to fulfill that dream . Ofcourse, with my hard earned money. Eventhough I used to take photos with point and shoot cameras before, I was not able to get good quality pictures as per my expectations . As you know ,blaming your tool is not an ideal strategy for a person who loves to learn. I tried my level best to capture good moments with maximum accuracy and now I believe that, it helped me a lot to get a clear idea of frame setting. Photography is a continuous process of learning. According to me, you need not want to have number of lenses, tripod, flash trigger etc to begin with the photography basics. Instead of that,concentrate on the following:

  1. Basics of Photography
  2. Frame selection
  3. Patience

Basics of Photography

Currently I am using 18-55 mm and 70-300 mm lenses and I’m totally happy with it. First we should learn the key aspects like Shutter speed, Focus and ISO adjustments. You will get a clear idea only after repeated adjustments of these three parameters. The tip is here for you, select an object and set the frame,then start clicking. At beginning most of us will fail for sure but ,never give up. Again adjust, click, adjust ,click….. Finally you will get a decent result.Always believe that there is a space for improvement.

Frame Selection

You may start with the conventional frames,try to switch to the frames that makes your picture different. Focus on what you are good at rather than copying others. According to me, a photo could be a medium for communication.Some pictures could actually speak and convey great messages. Such pics will have a soul in it.There comes the importance of the unique frames.


This was the key lesson I have learned in the past few months. When passion meets patience , a good photographer is born. You have a hell lot of things to observe in your environment and you will never have a scarcity for contents. Be patient, Wait for the right moment, you will be blessed with amazing shots.

As told before, these are the observations of beginner and may sounds nothing for the professionals. I am happy ,even if a few gets something to take positively from this stuff . I also invite healthy criticisms for this, so that I can learn more. Happy clicking folks!!

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A hardcore thrissurkkaran who is very very passionate about our land, pooram, Melam, music and our famous culture. Photography is something which gives utmost happiness to me. Believer of 'sharing makes meaning for life' .

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    • Hi, I agree you are beginner but you have failed to understand the term ” Photography” ! . The definition of photography is exposing a chemical coated film to the light with correct ISO settings and aperture etc not what you think like exposing the digital computer with electronic CMOS sensor to light. There is no need for exposing the electronic sensor, you don’t need a shutter or ISO settings it’s all fake settings created by camera manufacturers to fool armature like you. Sorry it’s not your fault, it’s ignorance of this entire generation who don’t know about photography. I challenge you to jump deep into the real reel photography instead of believing in this fake digital photo where you have option to click as much you want!!

  • Great work bro. Knowing your passion for a longtine i feel happy to see your clicks. Being a beginner myself these tips definitly will help me. Keep up the spirit bro.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Illuminati of photography!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Keep writing dude, looking forward to reading your thoughts on different subjects.

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