How To Get Over A Breakup?

Hope you are not in a perfect situation to get helped by this post.I know its not funny , but its something that make you feel yourself worthless.The worst feeling, that a person can have about themselves in life.You may feel like a exaggeration, unless you were in a true relation.

There may be hundreds of reason for the breakups.It will be really awkward, if I give you 5 bullet points to get over the breakup.Its really hard to deal with someone’s emotional pain ,when that person is important for you.

Its not about you and me, its about our young generation.Its all about the maturity of a generation to handle the disappointment and the depression.I was inspired by a short video on the reaction for a lost relation.The wordings may help you ,if you are in the worst stage of your relation.

“Did that hurt you? It should have , because you are a human being.

Cry loudly ,spend time alone,hear sad music.Let your emotions drain.It’s fine , its absolutely fine.

Is that still hurting you? If yes, its your mistake.

Emotional pains hurt you badly than physical pains.

Overcome it.Its hard but, not impossible.

Stop yourself from reaction,revenge and regret.

Its not the time to make them feel bad.But, its time to make a better you.
Rest,rethink and reinvent yourself.

Don’t waste time in following them or making them jealousy of what you have now. It means you are still in the prison of their memories.

Be kind enough to unprison your self esteem and self belief.

Start loving yourself, experience the power of self-love. Life is best when you start loving and caring yourself and making yourself happy.

Never give the key of your happiness and freedom to someone else.
Remember the happy life you had, before you met this person.Accept that, this person is no longer yours.

Situations that you cannot change ,have the power to change you.

Let that change brings out your best in you. Believe in yourself and invest in yourself.
Do all the crazy stuffs that makes you feel better.

Be your boss, both mentally and physically… “

Breakups are like catalyst, it may really trigger you up or trigger you down.Its your reactions that determines the rest of your life….Just be responsible….

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