Will This Made In Kerala E-cycle Be The Perfect Replacement For Electric Scooters?

Everyone loves to have Eco friendly solutions, but when it comes to reality most of us step back due to practicality or expense. Lets take the example of electric scooters, when it was introduced everyone was so exited and thought it would help us to reduce the pollution. In the real scenario, How many of us owns a electric scooter instead of a conventional scooter? We even forget to charge our soul mate ‘mobile phones’, then how can we expect us to charge a electric scooter and use it daily. Lets see whether the new E -cycle ‘Tezlaa’ can give you a better practical solution over the electric scooters.

Tezlaa is an e-cycle launched Smadco Labs Pvt Ltd, a startup based in maker Village,Kochi. The cycle has a 48V, 250W motor powered by Panasonic 48V 10AH Lithium Ion battery. Currently they have two variants, Alpha-1 and Alpha-1pro which can run 50 Km and 100 Km respectively for two hours charging. So, what make them special compared to the ordinary electric scooters.

The e-bike has 3 running modes:pedal riding,electric riding and assisted riding. In pedal riding mode Tezlaa can be used as a typical sports cycle with 21 gears. Which means even when you run out of power,you will not be stuck anywhere. Tezlaa can run at a maximum speed of 45 Km/hr, but the maximum speed can be customized according to the customers need at the time purchase.

The most exciting attraction of Tezlaa is that you fold and carry the cycle in metros or in boot space of car. That means, you can even use Tezlaa as a end to end connective device for your longer routes. The aluminium frame makes the cycle lighter and all the LCD display and electrical connectivity comes inside frame, which makes it waterproof. Please don’t overthink about the recharging difficulties because , you can charge the cycle directly or you can charge it inside your room by taking out the battery alone from the cycle.

Now, its the pricing part. Currently the pricing is Rs.49,500 for the Alpha-1 and Rs.69,500 for the Alpha-1pro, which seems to be high for an e-cycle in the current market. We will have to wait for while to see how the quality features make up for the pricing and how the market response to this user friendly E-cycle Tezlaa.

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  • We have to appreciate their initiative for sure but I don’t like the idea of advertising this as “their idea and invention”. These types of products are very well known and popular everywhere. Here is an example – https://www.ancheer.shop/collections/electric-bike
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p278ogC-LU Looks like they just made a replica of this bike and put their name. Also, the name and logo?? Looks and sounds very similar to Tesla. I hope they won’t run into any legal issues with real Tesla. Also, the real Tesla one is coming 🙂
    https://electrek.co/2018/11/02/elon-musk-tesla-electric-bicycle/ Genuine products and ideas will last forever but mimic/copy won’t sustain. Anyway, good luck guys!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. In this is global market there no much meaning for genuine ideas.If your point stands true in the global market, how come Apple marketed Iphone X on basic of notch display , which was already introduced by other mobile companies? If I am not wrong, everyone prefer a quality product on an affordable pricing rather than just looking the brand.

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