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There are many ways to communicate/convey one’s ideas/information, writing is one among them. What makes writing/reading special?

            How reading differs from other form of perceiving things? In perceiving, the given detail matters and the details which were not given counts too! Let me walk you through both. For example we will take children bed time story books. First we will go through the details which are given, the story goes like this, “Once upon a time there lived a king, he was good person all the decision he makes will be to make a better life for his people. Everyone lived happily in his country” The moral of a story is a ruler/king should be a person who’s first priority should be the well being of his countrymen. The desired idea is written by author neatly and understood by the reader. The details which are not given by the author are left for the readers creativity. The author did not mention anything about the king, the king can be a short or tall, lean or fat or fit, the country can be as small as Vatican city or it can be as big as mighty India or a fictional country like Wakanda or anything for that matter. When a reader reads it, its up to his/her area of freedom to imagine the king as anybody, the readers thinking is not restricted to a circle. This have an added advantage as well, the author needs to concentrate on only the required details, in the given example, the author wants to convey the moral and it is done in minimal amount of data in short manner. If the same content has to be given as video/picture then the content creator have to concentrate on everything, from what the king wears, to size of country, race of the people everything, even though those are unnecessary to convey the intended moral. This are advantages of the author.

            Discussing on specialty of a medium should discuss both on advantages of both the content creator the author and receiver the reader, Reading is a self phased experience. One reads the content, understands it, analyze it, correlate it associate it and lots of it happen. As usual we will go with a example, We will take a love letter for example, it is written as “I love you, you means a lot to me.” The moment the reader reads “I love you”, he/she was already in thoughts like how lucky he/she was, how happy their future will be, likewise many things start to run in their mind before even they could read the next line “you means a lot to me”, unlike other medium like video/audio the remaining content did not continue to play and end(while the reader was still lost in thoughts), “you means a lot too me” is still waiting for the reader to read. This is what I say reading facilitates readers to live the moment while other run on their own phase.

            All content are not delivered best in writings but some content are delivered best when delivered in writings. I personally like writing, when I write I feel like talking to me, it is more of like a personal time. Writing or Reading works as detox from the gadgets and it is good to be done before going to sleep. Maintain a personal journal, write what ever you feel what ever you think what ever you experience.

            In general, I encourage everyone to start creating content, let it be anything, a meme, Tiktok video a blog(video/audio/writing/painting). The content you create might not be interesting for others at present(as you do it regularly you will learn a lot and you will get better at it) or for ever, so don’t bother on that. Content creation is like leaving foot prints even if it does not interests others it will interests you, the future you. The content which you create today might give you nostalgia in future, you can understand how you, your thoughts and your ideas evolved in your life. Look at your old Facebook posts, reminds you of how happy/lovely/funny /stupid you were in the past. Some memories might be embarrassing but still every memory needs to be cherish. Just leave your trace.

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