I know, you all are fed up with the recommendations on social distancing and importance of personal hygiene. Even a primary school student, who watches YouTube videos has mastered the COVID 19 precautionary measures. This article has nothing to do with COVID 19 but just a briefing on some of perspective changes due to COVID 19.Even though this pandemic has shattered many of us physically, mentally and financially, I just want to stick to the positive side of the coin.

Let’s start with the environment: When many of us preferred staying at home for safety, most of the animals got back their natural habitats. Most of the beaches have already seen increased number of turtle nesting, the Ganges river dolphins were back in Indian Rivers, the marine wildlife is finally visible in Venice Canal in Italy and daily new stories are adding on. The air pollution and water pollution have decreased dramatically due the lock downs and the earth is healing so quickly. While COVID 19 is a curse for the humanity, it’s a blessing for the mother earth.

The companies started accepting the fact that, clocking 9 hours in the office has nothing to do with completing the work on time. Work from home is not that easy when you have kids in the family or your boss thinks you are available for 24X7. When it comes to IT field, WFH has really increased the efficiency of the employees by eliminating team lunches, birthday cake cuttings and tea breaks during the 9 hours clocking time. The mission of employees for the year 2020 will be, “Complete your task at any cost and ensure your position in the organization “.

Finally we came to know that, no entertainment in the world can give you the satisfaction of spending quality time with your loved ones at home. Mothers lost their monopoly of cooking and fathers became the new R&D heads of the kitchen. Updating the status of the cooked food in the WhatsApp became more important than enjoying the taste of the food. The most under rated Jackfruit became the jack the of the fruits, when we started the day with jackfruit pan cake and ended the day with a sip of jack fruit wine. The scarcity of food in the market really triggered the implementation lean production techniques in the kitchens and the smoothies made of jackfruit seed is the best example for the implementation.

Can you think about a lockdown day without Ludo King? Zoom replaced your evening meetups. Even charging the phone twice a day becomes insufficient ,while trying to cover the physical distancing with social media bonding. Hats off to the people who are still keeping their tummy projections below the chest level. At least few will agree that even without gym, a 30 minutes home workouts can also keep a person healthy and fit.

A big thanks for the medical field professionals for holding on to the social commitments, even by risking their own life. When we hear about Angels and Superheroes, the faces of many Doctors and Nurses are flashing through our minds. On the other hand, the number of heart attack patients have decreased by 50% and now a days ,we rarely hear about heart attack deaths. While most of the Angiography machines are idle at hospitals and the German studs peacefully resting in the shelves, it is a ‘MEDICAL MIRACLE’ to see the drop in the casualties due to Heart attacks.

So, what next? Are you still expecting that, one fine day everything will be back? Never. Personally, I am not a Biotech Scientist to comment on the end of the pandemic .But, COVID 19 has changed a lot of our perspectives and priorities. Hopefully , we will hold on to the better perspectives even after this tough period of our lifetime. Let the post COVID19 era be a re-transformation of your personal life rather than putting yourself back to the old shoes.

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